Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire and smoke not only damage surfaces and materials but also cause odor which permeates throughout structures. Traditional cleaning methods like hand scraping are labor intensive and don’t remove odor, while other methods like soda blasting create large amounts of secondary waste to be cleaned up as well.

The GearClean Solution

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GearClean’s technician utilize dry ice blasting technology to remove smoke and fire damaged material from the structure. In addition to the material removal, dry ice cleaning removes the odor from the structure that other methods would not have achieved. Dry Ice cleaning provides a more complete clean than previously possible and completely eliminates the odor-causing carbon. Dry ice cleaning can reach areas between beams and sheeting that traditional methods cannot access. In addition it eliminates the need for time consuming sanding, grinding and scraping processes reducing labor time and costs. Utilizing dry ice cleaning for smoke remediation generally involves about half of the time and labor of the various traditional methods.

Contents Cleaning

GearClean offers restoration cleaning services for household items damaged or contaminated in fires, floods, and sewage overflows. Through the use of the Esporta Wash System GearClean can remove soot and odors from soft goods. This cleaning method uses a unique patented process removing up to 99.9% of bacteria and removing odors associated with smoke damage. Once the items are cleaned and any repairs are made, we package and deliver the contents to the owner.

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